Abolitionist movement in the United States: who were the key leaders, and what were their contributions?

After two centuries of slavery, the US finally developed some abolitionist groups. Slaves had been productive to landlords, but they were of a great concern to free African Americans and advocates of civil rights. Religious communities were especially rigorous abolitionists. Preachers argued that sinful practices shall be banished as slavery put people in conflict with God.
Under the influence of religious leaders, the spiritual movement of the Second Great Awakening reached its climax in the 1820s. In 1833, spiritual activists created the American Anti-Slavery Society in Philadelphia. The organization advocated civil rights for women who technically had no more rights than slaves in colonial America.
The Thirteenth Amendment seemed to put end to abolitionism, however, it did not really end segregation and exploitation of former slaves. It gave a push to the feminist movement that boomed in the 20th century.

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What was the impact of slavery on the economy of the South? What were the effects on African American families?

The economy of the South took great advantage of Slavery that flourished up to the 19th century. Fertile lands and ambitious landlords required plenty of free labor force to push forward agriculture and trade in the region. On the other hand, slavery stimulated the struggle for civil rights of African Americans and women.
Though slavery did not banish family formation, it made an ordinary family life impossible. Having been enslaved, Africans were separated from their family. The US law did not actually recognize slave marriage so that family members were sold separately. Though slaves had relationships with each other and bore children like everyone else, they were not recognized as families. After slavery was abolished in 1865, people placed ads in newspapers trying to find their family.

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Why did Mormons encounter opposition in Illinois?

Mormons appeared in the 19th century as a religious group that strove for spiritual dominance in North America. Established by Joseph Smith in New York, Mormonism came through Missouri, Ohio, and Illinois to Utah. Today most Mormons are concentrated on the Utah territory and a considerable number of them live in Mexico and South America.
The Mormon expansion started with Missouri and Ohio. Nevertheless, the community was not much welcome by locals. Mormons were accused of unrest and murders while Joseph Smith was imprisoned several times. Several members of Mormon community have been assaulted. In the 1840s, Mormons moved to Illinois where they settled in the town of Nauvoo.
Mormons had a huge impact on economics and political life in the state. They developed infrastructure and put forward their candidates for the presidency. At this point, the religious community faced greater hostility from secular and political groups. After Joseph Smith was deadly shot in an assault, Mormons left Illinois in 1844.

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What was the impact of Gold Rush on the development of California?

The discovery of gold in California certainly changed American industrialization and infrastructure. Gold mines provided plenty of workplaces for local people, workers from all over the country, and immigrants. The region that did not look like anything special both to US and Mexico suddenly came in the spotlight. Gold seekers flew from everywhere to California, creating a huge demand for equipment, clothing, food etc.
The Gold Rush has quickly made California a populous state. New businesses appeared to cater to the needs of miners, and the export of food increased. California became a state with advanced agriculture taking into account plenty of lands and a favorable climate. Active transportation stimulated an advanced infrastructure.
On the other hand, the Gold Rush stimulated the exploitation of native Americans and hostility to immigrants. Industrial activity caused pollution and deforestation. The fight for natural resources did harm to ecosystems of California.

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What were the causes and effects of Mexican War?

Just like any armed conflict, the Mexican-American war did not emerge out of nothing. Annexation of Texas by the US became the primary factor that troubled the Mexican government. The territory that has long been a part of Mexico proclaimed its autonomy, but Mexico was not ready for such a step. After the Republic of Texas became a part of the US, the Mexican government became highly-concerned for the integrity of their country.
The Treaties of Velasco signed by captive Mexican general Santa Anna raised further concerns in the Mexican government. The treaties were actually odd both for Mexico and for the US, and they had been declared as void. Nevertheless, the border between Texas and Mexico moved as far as the Rio Grande, which was insulting to Mexico. On the other hand, Mexico owed the US money for the civil war, and America felt some supremacy over their southern neighbor. These and more factors heated the atmosphere between the countries.

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Write a book review

As a rule, the main point of book review writing is to evaluate a recently-written work. What one is supposed to do is to provide a brief description of the key points, as well as a short analysis of both strengths and weaknesses of the text. One should not confuse book reports with book reviews. A book review is typically a college assignment. What is more, you can also come across book reviews in newspapers, magazines and academic journals. Such piece of writing usually consists of 500-750 words. Yet, it may be longer or shorter. A book review gives you a general idea of what a book is like and whether the reviewer enjoyed reading it or not.

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